How it all started

In Dolac Gornji, but not the one that immediately draws on the more famous Primorski region, but the eastern one, the road Omiš, at the bottom of the north side of Mosor, when the storm blows, is cold, they would say in the village, towards the jacuzzi.

They hate their hands, they hate their feet, it’s freezing cold even when you get dressed for school. The end is a typical Dalmatian hill, with multi-ton boulders of rock, with paths to the hill leading somewhere, nowhere. Those who, through the years in which their belly for bread and being drawn to the lights of the city slowly migrated to human life, were lost under layers of shrubs, bushes, and landslides.

The man here intended to bring God as luxurious here as he could in Christmas, as nowhere else in Dalmatia, one that will cause Trnbus to travel from Split, Sibenik, Dubrovnik. Then a little worse, down, around to Dolac Gornji. And he really does mean it. In fact he thinks this:

Here, right here on these ledges for the first next Advent Sunday, and this first one from the current 2018, we will have a Christmas Village. And that one with a million lights. Exactly. And that’s it, I have nothing added or taken away. That’s how the dream decides, and when I’m determined, then there is no going back. And the crazier, the more persistent. I hold on to the sentence – He who believes in miracles does these miracles. That’s why there is no giving up – Tihomir tells us quite seriously that he cannot be more serious.

As the craziest things in this world come to mind at some of the weirdest moments, so the idea of ​​a million candles to Tihomir came about at a time when he suffered a million ordeals. His back caught him, he said, before his eyes, and as he struggled with pain at night, he remembered a new project. He says he saw the Christmas village in all its splendor at that very moment, fell asleep with that thought, woke up with it and then exposed it to the rest of the family.

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