The kids are screaming, and the adults are in wonder

Is this the most magical Christmas fairytale in Dalmatia ever? People got mad in Las Vegas, Croatia

Many commented that so many people have not gone through this place since. Dolac Gornji, a small village of Omis Zagora on Sunday night, was the center of the world, and after the residents of the Center Juraj Bonaci and Jadran Cizmic, a delegate from the Split-Dalmatia County, solemnly opened the Christmas Village on the estate of the Lucic family, the unprecedented Advent magic began. writes Slobodna Dalmacija.

A million lights illuminated the space that Tihomir Lucic, the owner of this Christmas magic, had been making for four years with the help of his family, and for the last ten months had decorated everything and everyone.

Thousands of people who came from all over Dalmatia had the opportunity to see horses, llamas, bush cows, sheep, asses, peacocks, pigs, deer, various types of poultry …

To God behind his back, a few kilometers of walking paid off to experience Christmas, as luxurious as anywhere in Dalmatia, which the little ones were most looking forward to.

This is a positive shock. I believed that people would come and look at all the painstaking work we had done, but I didn’t hope so much, it didn’t occur to me. The Christmas Village will be open daily from 4pm to 10pm, and anyone wishing to watch these fascinating wallet scenes should set aside HRK 30 for adults and children up to seven years old, disabled, pregnant women and children with special needs , admission is free.

What I see tonight is so fortunate that my heart is bursting with pleasure. Seeing this mass of people is fascinating, as can be seen in people’s faces. Children are screaming, people are wondering – said the proud owner.

Tihomir Lučić

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